37 chemin Central, C.P.2280
Havre-aux-Maisons (Îles-de-la-Madeleine)
Québec, Canada, G4T 5P4
Téléphone : 418-969-2100 poste 347
Courriel : info@cermim.ca


Services Adapted to the Needs of Partners

In its services and mandates, CERMIM is the pivotal organization that builds relationships between the partners involved in the project. Whether they are technical in nature, for a small business, or part of the networking efforts between the Magdalen Islands and other island communities, CERMIM’s services bring communities together, allowing a bridge between research and field needs related to specific issues.

CERMIM offers project design diagnostic and data analysis services, as well as support to industry or partners in the development of a research project or a product or service innovation. It completes the project realization cycle by supporting the client in the transfer of knowledge to stakeholders.

Needs assessment and diagnosis

The CERMIM team gathers information and defines the client’s needs in order to diagnose the situation and propose solutions.

Data collection and analysis service

To validate working hypotheses, the CERMIM team collects and analyzes data in the field.

Product and service development

The CERMIM team proposes the creation of new products or services based on analysis of market data. CERMIM then supports the client during the stages of their development.

Realization of projects and mandates

Using CERMIM’s state-of-the-art equipment, the team carries out projects and technical mandates of various kinds for municipal partners, researchers and other clients.

Networking among island and maritime environments

The CERMIM team organizes networking events among actors from island and maritime environments around the world to allow for the acquisition of knowledge, comparison of technologies, approaches and steps in various fields such as, in particular, the adaptation of coastal communities under climate change, sustainable tourism, waste management and the circular economy, energy, social economy, water management, food autonomy and economic diversification of small communities.

The CERMIM Team Serving Its Partners