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Expertise to Support the Development of Island and Maritime Environments Under Climate Change

In terms of development under climate change, the CERMIM offers support services for innovation, coaching for businesses, knowledge transfer, in addition to carrying out innovative projects.


A company innovation project requires an operational capacity that CERMIM offers through its technical and human resources, its expertise and its networking capacity. When an industrial company has an innovation under development, the CERMIM team is there to support it at every stage of the process. CERMIM, through its expertise on development under climate change, is linked to the activities of other players in the research and innovation ecosystem, whether they are universities, colleges, industries or institutions, to support innovative industrial companies.

Services and clients related to this field of expertise:

Projects related to this expertise:

The Matériauthèque

The Matériauthèque is an innovative response that improves the environmental balance of the Magdalen Islands while developing a new niche in the circular economy.

CERMIM Experts Support Island Development Under Climate Change

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