37 chemin Central, C.P.2280
Havre-aux-Maisons (Îles-de-la-Madeleine)
Québec, Canada, G4T 5P4
Téléphone : 418-969-2100 poste 347
Courriel : info@cermim.ca


State-of-the-Art Technological Equipment

Carrefour insulaire d’innovation, de recherche et de développement

Located upstream from the Cap-aux-Meules port area, the building offers a space of nearly 743 square metres that can accommodate over 30 people. It offers a project office service for industrial partners working with CERMIM, the use of a chemical laboratory and a geomatics laboratory, as well as meeting rooms for partners. It also houses CERMIM’s headquarters and will allow for the occasional hosting of a limited number of partners in the particular context of the archipelago during the summer season.

Land and Marine Equipment

CERMIM has various types of equipment at its disposal to carry out technical projects: A DGPS Leica GS16 for surveying, HydroBall for mono-beam bathymetric surveys, particularly adapted to shallow coastal environments, a DJI Matrice 210 RTK v2 drone, for photogrammetry (CERMIM pilots are the only ones authorized to fly it in the aerial zone), as well as an RBR pressure sensor and a Sofar SPOTTER v2 buoy, anchored offshore, which are two instruments for measuring oceanographic conditions. The mid-shore research vessel Francis-Éric completes the CERMIM’s equipment fleet: with a length of nearly 20 metres, this steel vessel allows the deployment of marine equipment offshore.

Industrial Equipment: factory lab

In the CERMIM factory lab, industrial research equipment is used to create test benches for applied research projects to develop products for commercialization. This equipment consists of an industrial dehydrator, refrigerated containers, an LMM system , a mobile containerized sorting table, a granulator and a sifter. This equipment allows for the implementation of various projects and test benches based on the pool of waste materials characteristic of small coastal and island communities, such as the Magdalen Islands.