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Expertise for Developing the Circular Economy on Islands

For an island environment, the circular and proximity economy directly influences imports and exports to the continent. It is the solution of choice to create sustainable, resilient and responsible economic activity in an island region far from the natural resources of the continent.


An island is a world unto itself. Our research focus on the circular and proximity economics in island environments leads us to carry out projects aimed at optimizing the resources and waste material pools available in the immediate supply chain of local businesses. To achieve economies of scale and to preserve the fragile natural environment of small island environments, it is essential to be innovative and develop new solutions to reuse waste material that otherwise must be transported and processed thousands of kilometres away.

Services and clients related to this field of expertise:

Among our clients for this expertise in circular and proximity economics in island environments are the industrial companies that generate the waste pools of the island territory, the companies wishing to use them in their value chain, as well as the various institutions involved in the management and exploitation of waste.

Projects related to this expertise:

The Matériauthèque

The Matériauthèque is an innovative response that improves the environmental balance of the Magdalen Islands while developing a new niche in the circular economy.

CERMIM’s Experts in Circular and Proximity Economics

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